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We are known as LARMA Hypermarket situated in the heart of BANIYAS. Although surrounded by traditional customers, these consumers are craving for innovation, and new shopping experiences.  From the first year of operation LARMA has captured a big share of the market, despite having large competitors in the catchment area.

LARMAis in constant evolution offering more than 15,000 items.  Our success is based on professional management at all levels and resting on qualified and dedicated, well trained staff serving 10,000 customers per day.

LARMA purchase department is keeping touch continuously with the latest development in the market in terms of new products, new trends, and selected promotions relevant to its consumers.  We are connected directly with the biggest department store in Abu Dhabi, YASMART which is a leader in all sort of carpets, Households items, stationery, Textile, toys, luggage’s, Gold shops, and coming new food court.

LARMA mission while retaining the emotional attachment with the consumers has diversified the offers through innovation.  Since the beginning LARMA has invested heavily in Information Technology, to reach a better service, and this has given  LARMA a hedge on the competition.

LARMA can guarantee a unique shopping experience, presenting a fresh commercial offer and respecting the company mission:

Freshness, Value for money, excellent service, and being close to the consumers.

Wallmart Fruit & Vegetables
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